Use Compostable Dog Poop Bags, Not Biodegradable Ones

Some biodegradable items must be disposed of in a particular method; if they arent, they might not return to the earth the way we believe, and that includes our dogs poop bags.Use compostable bags over biodegradableChoosing a various bag may be the most convenient way to assist the environment. Use a compostable bag rather of an eco-friendly one, as compostable bags break down while returning nutrients back to the earth. Marine biologist Richard Thompson performed a study at Plymouth University on the distinction in between eco-friendly and compostable, reporting that “in the undersea environment, the compostable bag vanished completely within three months,” while the regular plastic bags and eco-friendly ones were still able to hold five pounds of groceries.G/ O Media may get a commissionMake compost and fertilizer with pet poopEven compostable bags have their restrictions: Some compostable bags do not get the high heat and centralized oxygen they require to break down entirely and end up lingering in land fills.

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