Home Workout Guide: 30-Minute Workout Videos

You want to get in a good workout, but the only equipment you have is your body and a pair of dumbbells. Perfect! Here’s a collection of the most effective bodyweight and dumbbell exercises you can use to get your heart rate up and build muscle. Click the links ahead if you’re looking to target a certain part of the body, and then mix and match a handful of moves to create your own workout – use this simple template to create a home workout. Not sure how to do that? Click the link that says “30-Minute Home Workout Videos” and follow along – these workouts either use no equipment or dumbbells.

Cardio Exercises
Leg and Butt Exercises
Upper Body Exercises
Plank and Push-Up Variations
Core Exercises
Full-Body Exercises
30-Minute Home Workout Videos
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