[CONVERSATION] Should Americans begin questioning the entertainment market, and ask if some aspects of it are utilized as tools for mass scale propaganda to be spread?: socialism

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For example, think of just how much money the U.S. Army should be investing in ad-space to produce these overtly-“patriotic” commercials that frame service as some sort of ensured path to success, and attempt to humanize the idea of ending up being a mercenary for a capitalist country. Now, that’s not saying every function in the army needs you to utilize a weapon, however you get what I indicate.
Or how about the children of millionaires & billionaires like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Adam Levine, Jaden Smith and others getting to slap their faces on the movements of marginalized people and stimulate their images and talking points in order to more improve their profile & earnings.

Even in regards to charity, which many celebs do to be viewed in the eyes of the general public, the quantities some of them tend to contribute aren’t even a damage in their huge quantities of wealth, and the excellent press they get later on generally assists them recoup.
Or consider how increasingly close Disney has actually gotten to monopolizing the film/TV market, all while supplying popular content such as the MCU, or restarting its currently culturally accepted properties like Lion King and Aladdin’s, and fostering a fan base that’s comfortable with this absurd quantity of control they now have, because they don’t want to part with the material they’re providing.
And I conclude this concern with, just how much longer can America’s show business be sustained? With an economic crisis said to be en route, a president that’s so fucking unstable if he shat his pants on live TELEVISION it wouldn’t last a week in the news, and a population that’s torn in between anxiety, passiveness, and complacency, will America ever reach a point where it’s tired of being amused?
I ‘d love to hear anybody’s thoughts, and any tips you might have on material I can check out regarding America’s weaponization of the media. Picture Credit: %%image_source_name%%

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